Welcome to the Knapp Hall Investment Team!

We are a full service Tulsa property Management and Real Estate Investment Company In addition to managing any existing properties you may have, our team of specialist also offer a variety of options to start or expand your real estate portfolio including a large selection of recently remodeled properties under current active lease for sale. Click Here to view our investment properties.

KHI's real estate agents specialize in finding and acquiring a wide variety of real estate investment and high yield investments properties, outside of our immediate inventory,  to meet your individual needs. In addition, we help you through the entire process of finding and making a investment property positive cash flow for you.

Please view Acquisition Services for more details. 


the highlights

If you're looking for a way to secure your future investment, then look no further! Our return rates are unparalleled! If this sounds to good to be true, check out our investments & % of Return breakdown on the "Properties" page!

All you do is receive your check every month. Our management team takes care of everything.

One of our specialties is complete remodels from the ground up. Our main focus is longevity, and low future maintenance costs, which includes extensive  tile work throughout these homes. We generally have a tenant waiting list, for any available properties. We have more properties available than the ones listed on the Properties page. Please contact us for more information. 

a big investment

14%+ Net returns on Fully managed, completely remodeled homes  under current active lease!

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